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How to Become an Affiliate Group of Lawyers

Lawyers for a Sustainable Future (LSF) is an Oregon nonprofit corporation. It serves as a national network for lawyers, and local groups of lawyers, who believe the legal profession has a greater role to play in protecting the earth and future generations.

Affiliates. An Affiliate is an autonomous group of lawyers who are working in a manner consistent with the mission of LSF. An Affiliate can take the form of a nonprofit corporation, a project of a nonprofit, a section or committee of a bar association, or an unaffiliated group of lawyers. An Affiliate may be eligible for a link on the LSF website.

To form an Affiliate, a lawyer or group of lawyers may simply call a meeting of interested lawyers to discuss how they might play a role in creating a sustainable future. As a framework for discussion, see Seven Levels of Engagement.

Another approach is to gather information from local lawyers through a focus group or written survey. For example, to consider the merits of forming Oregon Lawyers for a Sustainable Future, Dick Roy hosted three focus-group lunches, for a total of 43 lawyers. In advance of each lunch, he distributed a concept paper, Should the Legal Profession Play a More Visible Role in the Sustainability Movement?

How to Become a Correspondent

Correspondent. A Correspondent is an individual lawyer who wishes to receive updates from LSF. To become a Correspondent, please send your complete contact information (name, firm name, phone, email, and address) to For further information, contact us at 503-227-2315 or