In January and February 2006, Oregon lawyer Dick Roy hosted three lunch groups totaling 43 lawyers to address the following question: Is the legal profession standing at the sidelines of the greatest human adventure of all time – the struggle to create a sustainable future? If so, why, and what should be done about it?

Counting notes from the meetings and answers to a follow-up questionnaire, Dick accumulated 12,000 words of raw data. The thrust of the response was both clear and resounding. Lawyers are definitely standing at the sidelines, and we should do something about it!

With that acclamation, Oregon Lawyers for a Sustainable Future (OLSF)was born in May 2006. Soon it was taking steps to pursue five initiatives to encourage the legal profession to play a more central role, which are more fully described in Description of OLSF.

In November 2007, OLSF presented a CLE program at Seattle University Law School. A group of lawyers in attendance were inspired to create Washington Lawyers for Sustainability. And the idea of a national network of autonomous statewide initiatives and other parties evolved.