Lawyers for a Sustainable Future (LSF) is a national network for autonomous statewide initiatives, organizations, and lawyers who seek to promote sustainability. The meaning of sustainability is derived from the widely accepted definition of sustainable development contained in the 1987 report commissioned by the United Nations (the Brundtland Report):

"Sustainable development is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
— From Our Common Future

As a means of more precise orientation, LSF has adopted the following mission statement, recognizing that human activity today has a direct impact on the rights and opportunities of future generations and on the ecological integrity of the earth.

"Lawyers using professional skills and knowledge in service to future generations and the earth."

LSF seeks to engage the legal profession in sustainability in the broadest sense. As a way to expand thinking of those involved in the network, LSF has identified seven levels of engagement for promoting sustainability, more fully described in Seven Levels of Engagement.

  1. Legal profession
  2. Lawyer in the practice of law
  3. Lawyer as business advisor
  4. Law office as user of resources
  5. Lawyer using legal skills in a non-lawyer setting
  6. Lawyer as financier and financial advisor
  7. Lawyer freeing up time for sustainability initiatives

As a vision, LSF seeks to facilitate the shift of the collective talent, influence, and resources within the legal profession into a more calibrated alignment with the goal of a sustainable future. To pursue this vision, LSF encourages local innovation that is consistent with the LSF mission.